Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lush Time!! :)

Hey everyone!! Haven't updated in FOREVER.

I've decided to just update my blog :)

I went to Lush today :)

I haven't gone to lush in FOREVER :(( haha mainly because I started becoming uninterested in Lush && just wanted a break... But Bath Season is here!! :) && I've been using all of my bath bombs like CRAZY, so I needed to restock some stuff :)

Anywhoo, I went to Lush to discover the NEW bath bombs!! :) I have all four, but I only restocked two today--I'll be going to a Lush Party soon, so I'll restock some more then :D

Here's what I got this time!


I got the Fizzbanger, a bright yellow bath bomb that smells like apples && cinnamon! When you pop this bath bomb into your bath, there are little pop rocks? ( i think ) that pop like crazy when it fizzes!! :) This also has grated bubble bar in it too, which explains the foaming ^_^

This bath bomb smells delish!! :)


The next one I picked up was the Dragon's Egg! :) I haven't used it yet, but it looks promising! :) It smells JUST like the pop in the bath bubble bar!!! It's white, but on the inside, there's a foaming center, and it has little small circular thingys (idk what they are haha) that are all different colors!! :) it's smell isn't over powering, it's light and sweet :) so I can't wait to use this!! :) also, there's sparkle && grated bubble bar in it so it will last longer foaming in your bath!! :)
I can't wait to try this one out!! :D


The next thing I got, is an oldie, but goodie--The pop in the bath bubble bar :) it smells light and sweet :) I break mine in half because it makes sooo many bubbles!! :) (not as many as the comforter, but that's okay :) haha) it's so cute!! :) with a little flower on top!! I ran out of this one, so I picked up another one today :)

Last but not least, I got a LIMITED EDITION item! :) The Happy Pill :) A citrus smelling half orange half lemon bath bomb! :) It's HUGE! && so rare! I was glad to pick one of these up! :D It's a slow fizzer, so it lasts for a LOOOOOONG time :)


Even though this Lush stop was tiny, it was still worth sharing! :) I'll update more often hopefully! I've been super duper busy lately, and haven't found much free time for myself, but hopefully that will change ;)

<33 Makeupbyanasian

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