Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lush Time!! :)

Hey everyone!! Haven't updated in FOREVER.

I've decided to just update my blog :)

I went to Lush today :)

I haven't gone to lush in FOREVER :(( haha mainly because I started becoming uninterested in Lush && just wanted a break... But Bath Season is here!! :) && I've been using all of my bath bombs like CRAZY, so I needed to restock some stuff :)

Anywhoo, I went to Lush to discover the NEW bath bombs!! :) I have all four, but I only restocked two today--I'll be going to a Lush Party soon, so I'll restock some more then :D

Here's what I got this time!


I got the Fizzbanger, a bright yellow bath bomb that smells like apples && cinnamon! When you pop this bath bomb into your bath, there are little pop rocks? ( i think ) that pop like crazy when it fizzes!! :) This also has grated bubble bar in it too, which explains the foaming ^_^

This bath bomb smells delish!! :)


The next one I picked up was the Dragon's Egg! :) I haven't used it yet, but it looks promising! :) It smells JUST like the pop in the bath bubble bar!!! It's white, but on the inside, there's a foaming center, and it has little small circular thingys (idk what they are haha) that are all different colors!! :) it's smell isn't over powering, it's light and sweet :) so I can't wait to use this!! :) also, there's sparkle && grated bubble bar in it so it will last longer foaming in your bath!! :)
I can't wait to try this one out!! :D


The next thing I got, is an oldie, but goodie--The pop in the bath bubble bar :) it smells light and sweet :) I break mine in half because it makes sooo many bubbles!! :) (not as many as the comforter, but that's okay :) haha) it's so cute!! :) with a little flower on top!! I ran out of this one, so I picked up another one today :)

Last but not least, I got a LIMITED EDITION item! :) The Happy Pill :) A citrus smelling half orange half lemon bath bomb! :) It's HUGE! && so rare! I was glad to pick one of these up! :D It's a slow fizzer, so it lasts for a LOOOOOONG time :)


Even though this Lush stop was tiny, it was still worth sharing! :) I'll update more often hopefully! I've been super duper busy lately, and haven't found much free time for myself, but hopefully that will change ;)

<33 Makeupbyanasian

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Antoinette's Bath House!! :)

I was looking through the Etsy website (Click me!) && came across an AMAZING company!!
Antoinette's Bath House!! A company that makes GORGEOUS && detailed works of art--that are BATH BOMBS!! :) && since I love bath bombs sooo much I just couldn't resist!!

Right away I filled up my cart with tons of bath bombs to try!!

These wonderful bath bombs range from $3.00-$5.00 ONLY!! That's saving atleast $2.00 a bath bomb!! (Usually lush bath bombs are around $6.00!!)

Anyways, she sends free samples && extra bath bombs in EVERY order!! :) Just another reason why you should check out the site!!

Watch my review//video//giveaway here!!

Be sure to check out the site too!! :)

Go to Antoinette's Bath House NOW!!

Here's what I got:

Happy shopping ladies!!<33

xoxo <33 Makeupbyanasian

Elf Crazy!!

Hello all!! :) 
I just got finished buying A BUTT TON of Elf products!! I will be doing another haul soon!! Haha I need to stop buying so much Elf, but I just can't resist those cheap prices!! That's what pulls me in!!

Shop ELF NOW!!!

Elf products are amazing!

Anywho, this is just a quick update about future videos coming soon!! :)

I have ANOTHER video to do about products that are better than Lush!! :)
Hopefully this mini-series of companies will be helpful && hopefully you guys will try them out!! 

They really are SO MUCH CHEAPER than lush!! && I found a company with BEAUTIFUL products!!

I can't wait to shoot that video!! :)

&& I've decided to do a Blog giveaway!! Soon!! :) But you must be a follower of my blog to enter!! So that should narrow people entered down :) so maybe a lot of you guys can win!!

Anyways, I'm going to do a better blog post later, hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

I can't believe school starts on the 30th!! 

Where HAS the summer gone??

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!
xoxo <33 Makeupbyanasian

Friday, August 20, 2010

Better than Lush?! Bodycake Haul && Giveaway!!

 So I came across an AMAZING company not too long ago!! Thanks to Jessica on youtube!!
Their products are better than lush, work better than lush, but most importantly,
they're CHEAPER than lush too!! :)

The company is Bodycake :)

Bodycake shop here!!

Tina, the owner of Bodycake is one of the nicest people I've talked to!! :) She really does a great job running bodycake && answered any and all questions I had about her products!! :)

The quality of the Bodycake products are top of the line too!! :) Not only did the products not melt through transit, she also put insurance on my package to make sure the products got to me safely!! :)

I got quite a bit but here's what I got!! :)
(All images are from the Bodycake website on Etsy!)

Intensive Therapy Rehydrating Facial Bar - Rustic Rose (vegan)

This bar helps to control the oil that comes out of your pores :) eventually it will make all of your face balanced so it's not as oily!!

(This bar is a genius idea!! Why didn't I think of using this earlier?!)


Burst Cupcake Creamery Bubble Bath Cupcake Melt

This product is GOLD!! :) It's a bubble bar, bath bomb, bath melt, AND exfoliating srub ALL IN ONE!! :) 

Usually for a Lush bath, you'd need:

-Bath bomb ($6-7)
-Bubble bar ($7-10)
-Bath melt ($6-8)

Which comes out to ATLEAST $20.00!! Which is crazy!! But, the Bodycake Cupcake melt is only $5.50!! Now THAT'S smart shoppin!! :)

Here's another cupcake melt!! This one is in Enchant :) yummy!! 

(smells JUST LIKE CAKE!!)

The geisha glow bar is next, but I couldn't find an image of it :( && since I'm at my boyfriend's house, my lovely Bodycake products are at my house :( boo. 

But, the geisha glow bar is a BEAUTIFULLY hand crafted bar of soap that smells fresh && clean!! && is light pink with purple layers && glitter layers!! :)


Miami Marshmallow Mounds Bubble

These are the bubble bars!! :) They are soo cute!! && tiny but pack A LOT of bubble!! :)

It comes four per pack :) which is good value!! Seeing how it's only $6.00 :)

The Miami scent smells like fresh citrus && like summer nights && the beach!! :) it just smells amazing!!


Miami Complete Complexion Bath Kisses

These are the balt melts! :) so tiny! && in the same scent as the bubble bars!! 

Use only one bath melt in your bath && feel the luxuriously moisturizing water!! :D

Ignite Sugar Coated VEGAN Foaming Frappe 

This is the amazing NEW sugar scrub!! :) 

The scent is in ignite, which is for both sexes, and is an exfoliating scrub, that foams up when you use it!! :) It's gentle && exfoliates!!

After sharing all of my goodies with you guys, I decided to make a giveaway!! :) although it's already closed, I still encourage you guys to go buy some Bodycake!! :) You won't regret it, promise!! :) && hopefully in the future, I will be including more Bodycake products in my future giveaways && hauls!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
<33 Makeupbyanasian

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elf Haul!!

I did an E.l.f (stands for Eyes, lips, face) haul today :)
I got 13 products for only $14 dollars!! :) I was so excited!! && that price was PLUS shipping too!!
I also made a video, but that's on my channel. 

I absolutely love ELF && how cheap && affordable their products are!!

Here's what I got:

Starting from LEFT to RIGHT:
Lipgloss in candlelight, lipgloss in pink kiss.
Two Natural Lash kits
Shimmering Facial Whip (it was free!)
Cream shadow in coffee && cream
Cream shadow in butter pecan
Nail polish in Mint Cream (green one)
Nail polish in Dark Navy (middle one)
Nail polish in Chocolate (brown one)
Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara
Waterproof eyeliner pen
Liquid eyeliner

Another shot of the goodies from Elf :)

I do love a great deal!! :]

So that's pretty much what I got!! I still have to update you guys on the major clothing haul!! From Delaware!! More updates later!!! Make sure to check out my channel though!!  :)

It's almost saturday!! :) I'm so excited!! <33

More updates later guys!!

<33 Karen!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only six more days!!

So it's been ONE LONG month since Jon's been gone!!
I'm really excited that it's come down to only SIX DAYS!! :)
Could I be dreaming?! Is this just another level of sleep?? (thanks to inception haha)

But then I realize that time has flown by...
There's still so much for me to do! I gotta get my school organized, finish my review videos && so much more!! I can't even think of everything that still has to be done!!

I've been thinking about my boyfriend more than ever.
It's been almost a MONTH! I can't believe it!! I am so happy that these long, awaited 31 days have actually passed by... 
The summertime always reminds me of him because that's when we met :)
It was the summer of 2008, one of the most memorable summers I will ever have.


Being totally random but, I got a NEW PHONE yesterday!! Mwuahaha! >:D
My two year contract was finally up && I got an UPGRADE!
The Pantech Pursuit in BLUE <3

Here's my baby:

Completely blue! My favorite color ever!! It also has a FULL KEYBOARD for texting, since I can't live without it haha && It has a full touch screen in the front! (I'm still getting used to that because I'm terribly clumsy ha!)

Anyways, I'm still getting used to everything it has!
It can hold a micro SD memory card, so you can directly put pictures from your computer on the card to the phone, and vise versa! The memory card also holds music, so you can play songs on the Music Player mode! And ofcourse, there's an unlimited amount of Apps you can download/buy for it!!  :) I'm happy!

I'll update later!! :)

<33 Karen!!