Friday, August 20, 2010

Better than Lush?! Bodycake Haul && Giveaway!!

 So I came across an AMAZING company not too long ago!! Thanks to Jessica on youtube!!
Their products are better than lush, work better than lush, but most importantly,
they're CHEAPER than lush too!! :)

The company is Bodycake :)

Bodycake shop here!!

Tina, the owner of Bodycake is one of the nicest people I've talked to!! :) She really does a great job running bodycake && answered any and all questions I had about her products!! :)

The quality of the Bodycake products are top of the line too!! :) Not only did the products not melt through transit, she also put insurance on my package to make sure the products got to me safely!! :)

I got quite a bit but here's what I got!! :)
(All images are from the Bodycake website on Etsy!)

Intensive Therapy Rehydrating Facial Bar - Rustic Rose (vegan)

This bar helps to control the oil that comes out of your pores :) eventually it will make all of your face balanced so it's not as oily!!

(This bar is a genius idea!! Why didn't I think of using this earlier?!)


Burst Cupcake Creamery Bubble Bath Cupcake Melt

This product is GOLD!! :) It's a bubble bar, bath bomb, bath melt, AND exfoliating srub ALL IN ONE!! :) 

Usually for a Lush bath, you'd need:

-Bath bomb ($6-7)
-Bubble bar ($7-10)
-Bath melt ($6-8)

Which comes out to ATLEAST $20.00!! Which is crazy!! But, the Bodycake Cupcake melt is only $5.50!! Now THAT'S smart shoppin!! :)

Here's another cupcake melt!! This one is in Enchant :) yummy!! 

(smells JUST LIKE CAKE!!)

The geisha glow bar is next, but I couldn't find an image of it :( && since I'm at my boyfriend's house, my lovely Bodycake products are at my house :( boo. 

But, the geisha glow bar is a BEAUTIFULLY hand crafted bar of soap that smells fresh && clean!! && is light pink with purple layers && glitter layers!! :)


Miami Marshmallow Mounds Bubble

These are the bubble bars!! :) They are soo cute!! && tiny but pack A LOT of bubble!! :)

It comes four per pack :) which is good value!! Seeing how it's only $6.00 :)

The Miami scent smells like fresh citrus && like summer nights && the beach!! :) it just smells amazing!!


Miami Complete Complexion Bath Kisses

These are the balt melts! :) so tiny! && in the same scent as the bubble bars!! 

Use only one bath melt in your bath && feel the luxuriously moisturizing water!! :D

Ignite Sugar Coated VEGAN Foaming Frappe 

This is the amazing NEW sugar scrub!! :) 

The scent is in ignite, which is for both sexes, and is an exfoliating scrub, that foams up when you use it!! :) It's gentle && exfoliates!!

After sharing all of my goodies with you guys, I decided to make a giveaway!! :) although it's already closed, I still encourage you guys to go buy some Bodycake!! :) You won't regret it, promise!! :) && hopefully in the future, I will be including more Bodycake products in my future giveaways && hauls!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
<33 Makeupbyanasian

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