Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only six more days!!

So it's been ONE LONG month since Jon's been gone!!
I'm really excited that it's come down to only SIX DAYS!! :)
Could I be dreaming?! Is this just another level of sleep?? (thanks to inception haha)

But then I realize that time has flown by...
There's still so much for me to do! I gotta get my school organized, finish my review videos && so much more!! I can't even think of everything that still has to be done!!

I've been thinking about my boyfriend more than ever.
It's been almost a MONTH! I can't believe it!! I am so happy that these long, awaited 31 days have actually passed by... 
The summertime always reminds me of him because that's when we met :)
It was the summer of 2008, one of the most memorable summers I will ever have.


Being totally random but, I got a NEW PHONE yesterday!! Mwuahaha! >:D
My two year contract was finally up && I got an UPGRADE!
The Pantech Pursuit in BLUE <3

Here's my baby:

Completely blue! My favorite color ever!! It also has a FULL KEYBOARD for texting, since I can't live without it haha && It has a full touch screen in the front! (I'm still getting used to that because I'm terribly clumsy ha!)

Anyways, I'm still getting used to everything it has!
It can hold a micro SD memory card, so you can directly put pictures from your computer on the card to the phone, and vise versa! The memory card also holds music, so you can play songs on the Music Player mode! And ofcourse, there's an unlimited amount of Apps you can download/buy for it!!  :) I'm happy!

I'll update later!! :)

<33 Karen!!

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