Saturday, August 21, 2010

Antoinette's Bath House!! :)

I was looking through the Etsy website (Click me!) && came across an AMAZING company!!
Antoinette's Bath House!! A company that makes GORGEOUS && detailed works of art--that are BATH BOMBS!! :) && since I love bath bombs sooo much I just couldn't resist!!

Right away I filled up my cart with tons of bath bombs to try!!

These wonderful bath bombs range from $3.00-$5.00 ONLY!! That's saving atleast $2.00 a bath bomb!! (Usually lush bath bombs are around $6.00!!)

Anyways, she sends free samples && extra bath bombs in EVERY order!! :) Just another reason why you should check out the site!!

Watch my review//video//giveaway here!!

Be sure to check out the site too!! :)

Go to Antoinette's Bath House NOW!!

Here's what I got:

Happy shopping ladies!!<33

xoxo <33 Makeupbyanasian

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